Internship Forum

Internship Forum

Internships provide prospective medical writers with practical training in an established commercial environment. The EMWA Internship Forum was established to bring together prospective medical writers seeking experience with companies willing to offer internships.

Participants must be EMWA members, but do not necessarily need to participate in the conference. Participation in the Internship Forum is free. However participation in the Forum does not permit attendance at other events unless the participant is registered for the EMWA conference and registration covers Thursday and payment has been made for charged-for events.



Thursday 03 May



09:00-10:00  Presentations


9.00-9.25 Sara Rubio PhD, XPE Pharma & Science, Wavre, Belgium

    “Breaking into medical writing as a non-native English speaker”


9.25-9.50 Phil Leventhal PhD, 4Clinics, Paris, France

    “Getting your foot in the door: How to build experience to get a first medical writing job”

9.50-10.00 Steven Walker MD, Stgilesmedical, London, UK and Berlin, Germany

     “Experiences from the Internship Forum: successes, failures and what I could have done better”


Informal Networking

This session is similar to a job fair: each participating company will have a table where their representatives and interested prospective interns can meet. Even though no formal application is required, it does not hurt to bring along your CV.


Pre-booked appointments

Prospective interns can pre-book appointments with the companies they are interested in. For a list of companies with confirmed participation, see


Career coaching

Attendees will have the opportunity to book a 30-minute, one-on-one session with specialised career consultants to learn how to leverage their unique skills and successfully land a job as a medical writer. The topics covered will include:

  • tailoring academic CVs into medical writing-specific resumes
  • mastering the medical writing interview process
  • making use of LinkedIn profiles to build a strong personal brand
  • using social media to network effectively.

To pre-book your appointment, contact Jackie L. Johnson (Managing Director, JLJ Consultancy B.V) at


Internship advising
Advice will be offered to participants on the following topics:

  • What types of companies to apply to
  • What to expect as an intern
  • Optimising your application letter and cv
  • Attending for interview
  • Coping with a writing test
  • Moving your career forward

To pre-book your appointment, contact Steven Walker (Stgilesmedical) at

For more details about the Internship Forum, including how to book a one-on-one session, visit the Internship Forum page at or contact the Internship Forum team directly (